Sales & Installation

A team at your service

Premier Equipement is recognized in the sale and installation of doors and docks equipment. Our team makes sure to respect your budgets while maximizing the surface of work, the appropriate model that suits your needs too finally install the equipment required. Premier Equipement promises to prioritize our client first.

Our team has nearly 25 years of experience in delivering a final product that reflects your thoughts and ideas. Our equipments can meet all your needs, from the simplest to the most demanding projects and with new technologies valorizing energy consumption while complying with environmental standards.

Service & Repair

Count on quality service

Premier Equipement's mission is to provide an impeccable service. Our team is committed to resolve all your problems, to then minimize the occurrence of breakage. We make sure to respect all deadlines so that your production downtime. Constituted of an unshakable team, we suit all your desires. Our team ensures to repair or change your doors or docks equipment in a reasonable time while ensuring maximum quality.

Maintenance Program

porte-rapide-haute-vitesse-entretien-reparation-2Reduce equipment failure

Our maintenance team is able to assist for your equipment maintenance. Equipment maintenance has a direct correlation with the risk of breakage, so our maintenance plans ensure you to minimize this risk. Premier Equipement has developed a maintenance program that gives customers the choice according to their budget and needs.

Planned maintenance

Maintenance following customer’s demand. The customer plans when he wants to this service.

Post sale maintenance

Maintenance is included or combined with the purchase of equipment.

Periodic maintenance

Maintenance is done monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual periods.

Repair & Customization

porte-rapide-haute-vitesse-entretien-reparation-1Custom workshop manufacturing

Here is a service that was in the shadow for too long. Premier Equipement offers the opportunity to repair or customize your equipments. We offer the right solutions to your problems.