High Speed Industrial Doors



High speed industrial door for interior and exterior use


Opens at up to 50 inches per second for improved traffic flow and energy conservation.


Full-width vision panel, two sets of thru-beam photo eyes and a pneumatic reversing edge are standard. Optional light curtain reverses the door without physical contact.

Takes a Hit and Resets

The NXT Quick-Set repair system permits the operator to reset the door with the push of a button after aligning the bottom bar.

Reliable Wireless Safety System

State-of-the-art wireless system eliminates the need for a coil cord on the bottom bar. Two-way transmitters and receivers eliminate interference.

System Controller

Using only three buttons, the door is easy to setup, operate and maintain. An integrated AC Drive provides soft acceleration and deceleration.

Durable Fabric Panel

Standard replaceable vinyl panel sections available in a variety of colors. Optional rigid, 2-ply and 3-ply Rilon available.

Wind Resistance

Panel ribs provide resistance to wind and negative pressure.



High speed industrial door with door down break-away


Opens at up to 50 inches per second.


Dual electric photo eyes inside column and reversing edge in bottom bar. Optional, replaceable windows for visibility.

Takes a Hit

Patented Break-Away bottom bar repairs without tools in just seconds, virtually eliminating door down time.

Tension System

Patented, independent design separates counterbalance from door tension permitting effective break away and the ability to handle high wind loads and negative pressure.

Full Tension

Patented System design provides proper counterbalance and tension at all times.

Low Maintenance

System design comes with a lifetime warranty on all counterweights and tension springs.



World’s fastest break-away door


Opens at up to 100 inches per second.


Dual electric photo eyes and pneumatic, dual-chamber reversing edge in bottom bar are standard. Optional, replaceable windows for visibility. Optional light curtain system available.

Takes a Hit

Quick-Set, Break-Away tabs allow bottom bar to be reset in just seconds, without tools, virtually eliminating downtime and repair costs.

Low Profile

Side columns are only 8 inches wide with 6 inches of projection. Fits virtually anywhere.

Ry-Wi System

State-of-the-art wireless technology eliminates the need for a coil cord. Two-way communication and total frequency control ensure safety and eliminate interference.

Low Maintenance

Dual guided counterweights ensure smooth, virtually maintenance free operation.

Easy Installation

Modular construction and pre-wiring allow for quick installation.



High speed industrial door made for large openings

Trouble-Free Maintenance

Designed without wear parts, simple preventative maintenance keeps it moving, day in, day out, cycle after cycle.

Industrial Strength

Stronger, tougher and sturdier than conventional rubber doors, the reinforced structure increases stability and capacity.


With variable speeds up to 67” per second, the powerful direct-drive, variable-speed motor provides soft starting and stopping and reduces wear and tear.

Responsive to High Wind Loads

The Powerhouse responds dynamically to high pressure and wind loads by increasing resistance until releasing.

Releases & Restores

Exclusive Release & Restore system allows the rubber panel to release without damage and self-reset in just seconds, with the push of a button.